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Rosanna Shuffle - In depth study of all essential components (and more), expanded for 4 limb groove playing.

Offered here is a series of new drumming charts that break down and promote the player's assimilation of the Rosanna Shuffle Groove. Jeff Porcaro, noted drummer of the band Toto, is well known for this famous shuffle groove. It is reputed to be one the more intricate and difficult drum performances to learn.

Be aware that in most tutorial publications relating to Rosanna, the only coverage given is that of the Verse motive. Yet it’s obvious that the Chorus and the Outro of the song’s drum arrangement exhibit their own distinctive groove variations as well.

The study flow documents included in this section will take you much deeper into the Rosanna Shuffle groove than any of the other drumset publications currently available.

Mastery of this groove is essential to true drumming virtuosity!



"The defining element of virtuosity is the performance ability of the musician in question, who is capable of displaying feats of skill well above the average performer."

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