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Groove Drumming Studies

The Virtuoso Drummer seeks to play at the very least, any and all popular styles. Our collection of Study Flows are comprehensive and in-depth. The focus is, as usual on developing 4 limb playing to the maximum!

The "Developing a Groove™" Series

Like all of us, you got interested in playing drums because you witnessed someone else play them. Clearly one of the strongest sources of inspiration is a prerecorded track, a hit single, or well executed album cut.

The Virtuoso Drummer website is proud to present a series of Study Flows which analyze, interpret and teach specific, well known recorded drumming grooves.

As the series progresses, the plan is to offer a wide array of styles and "feels", all the while corresponding to recognized musical recordings.
Comprehensive Note-for-Note Memorization is NOT the Solution to Successful Drumming Learning Progress
Many players have made the mistake of striving to play a song "exactly like the record". So much of this is a waste of effort. As regards contemporary musical styles, improvisation is basic. Know that the original recording artist was most interested in the groove or "feel" of the executed performance, and most probably would never exactly repeat it again note-for-note.

When one follows a study flow in the "Developing a Groove™" Series, the original intent of the recorded performance is learned and embellished. The drummer will gain the ability to expand upon and improvise the original groove while studying the basis of the rhythms involved.

Developing an array of rhythmic grooves, including the ability to improvise on the groove's basics, is most certainly a fast track to drumming virtuosity.



"The defining element of virtuosity is the performance ability of the musician in question, who is capable of displaying feats of skill well above the average performer."

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