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"Drumming in the 4th Dimension™" - Understanding the Basics of 4-Limb Performance

Essential to the utilization of all 4 limbs on the drumset is a solid understanding of the 4-limb concepts of “layered v. linear” playing.
Development of an extensive collection of drumming studies based on “4th Dimensional” playing is now underway here at .

Visit this new page for the basics, and watch for upcoming additions:


John "Bonham Triplets" INVERTED - a necessary permutation to this essential 75% linear pattern study.

Just posted:

Bonham triplet patterns characteristically use HAND-HAND-FOOT combinations.
But what about the obvious inversion of these patterns with FOOT-FOOT-HAND permutations?

In true virtuosoDrummer study fashion, these exercises exploit all modes and all practical subdivisional rhythms …

Check out the 8 new drum lesson study-flow documents here:
John “Bonham Triplets” INVERTED

3-Limb Linear (also referred to as 75% LIniear) drumming utilizing the Bonham Triplet Pattern - a brand new area of study on

Ah, John Bonham … known exclusively for his ground-breaking drumming with the infamous Led Zeppelin. One facet of his style gave moniker to the drumming pattern widely recognized as the “Bonham Triplet”.
Although John tended to utilize the pattern in a very predictable fashion, has extrapolated many more ways to use this obviously 3-limb linear pattern.
Check out the 8 new drum lesson study-flow documents here:
Rudimentary 4-Limb Drum Set Patterns / 75% Linear Patterns (3-Limb Linear) / Bonham Triplets


On Finding the Best Musicians and Play-Alongs for Drum Rehearsals

Arguably the most challenging performance circumstance for any musician is real-time interaction with other live musicians. Add to this the necessity for the drummer to be the timing “backbone” of the musical arrangement and it’s easy to comprehend the importance of this experience.

The results of these collaborations are alway most fruitful when the “other” musicians in the group have already achieved a high degree of expertise on their instruments. This is often not the case in everyday rehearsal situations.

So now we come to the “2nd Best” scenario, the “play-along” backing track. Perusal of the internet will yield a good number of products available to provide simulated ensemble and orchestral rehearsal experience to musicians. The menu seems to be somewhat limited however, if you’re seeking tracks that are music minus drums.

In an attempt to discover the best drum rehearsal play-alongs, virtuosoDrummer is always on the lookout for multi-track and stems-based offerings of studio or live recordings. One very strong internet destination in this regard is

Watch for our upcoming review of this fine website in the Features & Reviews section.

New Addition to the “Developing a Groove™” Drumming Series - Mission: Impossible 5/4 and 8/4 Grooves and Fills studies

Once again the latest episode of the blockbuster action franchise “Mission: Impossible” has reinforced our familiarity with one of the two most famous 5/4 compositions in the history of popular music.

First to achieve widespread popular acclaim was the song “Take 5”. This ternary jazz composition, written by Paul Desmond and performed with the Dave Brubeck Quartet needs little introduction.

In contrast, the theme from the Mission: Impossible TV series is a tremendous platform on which to build proficiency in the execution of a binary 5/4 drumming groove.

In the first Mission: Impossible feature film, bassist Adam Clayton and drummer Larry Mullen, Jr. (both members of the band U2) created a “remix” version which introduced an 8/4 time variation of the original 5/4 motif. Both time signatures have since become a mainstay in all 5 of the films.

The study flows provided as part of’s “Developing a Groove™” Series exploit both of these timings from the perspective of the Groove as well as Fills.

In keeping with the direction and purpose of the website, all 4 limbs are developed in the execution and performance of these drumming charts.

Also note that the charts make use of the “grand staff” as a 4-limb drumming notation convention. This is done in order to clearly convey the separate limb performance intentions written into the patterns.

Check them out!

Mission: Impossible - 5/4 time
Mission: Impossible - study flow 01
Mission: Impossible - study flow 02

Mission Impossible - 8/4 time
Mission: Impossible - study flow 03
Mission: Impossible - study flow 04


Noteflight - Online Score Notation
environment is quite friendly to drummers

From it's conception, was in need of a music notation platform that provided web distribution of learning materials and access to "live scores" on demand. MusicXML seemed the most promising solution, however industry adoption of the standard format for online use has proven sluggish at best.

Noteflight is proving to be the most viable solution that we've found. And for drummers, it delivers on several levels.

In case you haven't noticed, we're using Noteflight all over this site. Watch for our upcoming review of this fine online music notation environment. Check out and sign up at no charge.

Comments is offering up to $250
for "Ginger Baker's Drum Book" in mint condition

Ginger Baker's Drum Book - A comprehensive, graduated approach to teaching drum techniques with particular emphasis on contemporary rock styles.
(Wise Publication, 1980)

We at are most desirous of obtaining an intact copy of the 1980 publication authored by drummer Ginger Baker and entitled "Ginger Baker's Drum Book". Anyone reading this who possesses a copy and is willing to part with it, please contact jTaylor through the Contact Us page on this site.


Depending upon physical status of the book, we will negotiate a purchase price up to $250 for a copy that would be rated in "mint" or highly collectible condition. Of course, we are willing to consider purchase of the piece in any other condition as well.
Apparently Ginger himself hasn't got any left. :) jT


Recommended Hardware for Maximum Foot Technique

We decided to go a bit in-depth with our directives on foot technique and motions by laying out a case for longboard pedal design and implementation. This includes kick drum and hi-hat hardware.
Take a look at this very short list of “who making them”.

Point of fact: the only manufacturer of matching longboard kick drum pedals, longboard hi-hat stands and longboard hi-hat remotes is TRICK Drums USA.

The link to the new article is:


PAS International Drum Rudiments with 4 Limbs

Just completed! announces the addition of a set of documents detailing the execution of the Percussive Arts Society’s “Top 40” Drum Rudiments for full drumset played with all 4 limbs simultaneously. Consistent with our overall philosophy of muscle-memory coordination development, each rudiment is presented with full horizontal, vertical and cross-body implementation. Left hand/left foot and right hand/right foot leading is addressed as well, of course.

These exercises bring the traditional two handed approach into the reality of present four limb necessities and give promise to the future of expert drumming

Here’s the link to the main page:

Rudiments - 16th Note Double Strokes with all 4 Limbs

A new Study Flow document has been added to which focuses on the development of double stroke rolls for all 4 limbs. Attention to half-body and cross-body localizations are addressed in the exercises.

Half-Body and Cross-Body Localization involves the pairing of limbs in one of six possible combinations:
  1. Upper Half-Body - Left Hand with Right Hand
  2. Lower Half Body - Left Foot with Right Foot
  3. Left Body Vertical - Left Hand with Left Foot
  4. Right Body Vertical - Right Hand with Right Foot
  5. Cross-Body - Left Hand with Right Foot
  6. Cross-Body - Right Hand with Left Foot

Here’s a link to the Study Flow: Rudiments/16th Notes with Double Strokes - Study Flow 01