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Kick Drum and Hi-Hat Training Pedals that allow Nearly-Silent Practice:

HansenFütz - Tools for Drummers

At our primary intention is to promote the highest technical achievements possible for set drumming. This is why we are compelled to investigate and review drum hardware that may accommodate these goals.

Here we take a closer look at what is an essentially a one-of-a-kind product for practicing foot motions and technique.
HansenFütz make the F2, a one-of-a-kind excellent solution for kick drum and hi-hat pedal training and practice.
HansenFütz F2 Pedal - top view (above)
Note that because the surface is ridged and embossed, the photo suggests a prohibitive resistance to sliding of the foot. In reality this is not the case, as the molded pedal material exhibits fairly low grip at the foot-to-pedal contact.
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HansenFütz F2 Pedal - front view (below)
Image shows one each of the springs and discs that are inserted to customize the playing experience for resistance and level of “quiet” striking sound.
HansenFütz F2 pedals have interchangeable striking discs and springs for customized practice sound and resistance.
Regarding the development of foot motions conducive to greatest efficiency, power transfer and speed here’s how the HansenFütz F2 Pedal conforms to our checklist :

  • The heel plate is a legacy design that serves no modern purpose as the heel of the foot is active in fully implemented foot motion technique.
    The HansenFütz F2 practice pedal design exhibits the “longboard” sensibility (10.5”) with no heel plate.
  • The foot’s heel must be able to contact with the moving surface of the footboard.
    The HansenFütz F2 easily accommodates this for reasons just mentioned.
  • Textured kick board surfaces are a detriment to push-pull and sweep stroke foot motion.
    Although there is ridging and embossing on the footboard surface, the F2 pedal’s nylon materials provide a fairly smooth foot-to-pedal contact experience with reasonably low friction.
  • The foot must be able to slide forward and backward on the board’s surface smoothly.
    As stated in the previous comment, the HansenFütz F2 is quite acceptable in this area.
  • A wider pedal surface is preferable to a narrow design.
    No problem here, just take a look at the images provided.
  • The foot’s ability to maintain contact with the pedalboard surface needs to be effortless.
    Wisely, HansenFütz has included velcro on the bottom of the pedal. It stays where it is put as long as it’s used on a secured carpeted floor.
  • There are definite technical advantages when the kick and hi-hat pedalboard surfaces possess matching form factors.
    Just use two HansenFütz F2 pedals for practicing and matching the left foot/right foot experience is assured.
  • Heavy-duty, robust design construction is far preferable to anything less.
    The F2 pedals are well built, strong, light and very reasonably priced. These are affordable for any drummer.

The HansenFütz F2 Pedal is the only training/practice pedal available which reasonably satisfies the aforementioned requirements in order to promote progressive drumming foot technique.

We strongly recommend this product.

But wait, theres more! …

Seen in the above image, simulation of double-kick or kick-hat pedal configuration is perfectly implemented with the HansenFütz F2 Pedals.



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