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The Symmetrical Kit - A Drum Set Configuration that allows and promotes the development of ambidexterity.

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The above is a conceptual diagram of a strict symmetrical drumset layout. This drum kit is a 12 piece set. The tuning descends from the center tom to the left and to the right. A practical tuning arrangement would provide higher to lower pitch from left to right for each corresponding pair of toms. The kick drums are tuned higher to lower from left to right as well. This tuning scheme greatly facilitates ascending and descending sequences of notes as they can be executed with alternating hands on each side of the kit with no crossing of arms/hands.

The layout allows any traditional right-handed or left handed player to easily adapt their styles of playing immediately by simply focusing on the right or left hemisphere if the setup. A symmetrical drumset encourages the development of ambidextrous techniques because virtually any musical motif-pattern-sequence can be played with either the left or right side of the body and any hand-foot combination may lead or follow.

Below you can check out an electronic kit in a 9 piece configuration. This is a very practical set size and effectively provides the same playability afforded by the tuning system.
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