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Percussive Arts Society International Drum Rudiments interpreted for the Drumset and Played with All 4 Limbs.

The PAS International Drum Rudiments are a set of 40 rhythmic motifs written for snare drummers. The patterns are thought to embody the "basics" of phrasing and sticking. These represent a vocabulary with which the drummer can communicate complete musical compositions.

There are numerous representations of the 40 rudiments available for study on the internet. Of particular mention are the studies offered by the Vic Firth Company:
The Virtuoso Drummer International Rudiments are applied to the drumset - with all 4 Limbs employed simultaneously.
We encourage every drummer to be familiar with the 40 Percussive Arts Society International Drum Rudiments as they relate to snare drumming. However, the snare drum is only one of many instruments comprising the drum kit. Also, one drum only demands the use of 2 limbs to play. The drumming studies offered here interpret the 40 rudiments with all 4 limbs. The excersizes incorporate 4 separate drum set voices in each and as such, encourage exploration "around the kit".
These Rudiments will develop Horizontal, Vertical and X-Body Coordinations.
Horizontal coordination is established from left across to right, and vice versa. Vertical coordination is cultivated from top to bottom and vice versa. Cross-body (X-body) is the establishment of facility from top left to bottom right, top right to bottom left and of course the opposites of these as well. The study flow exercises are composed to cover all of this.